I Liked the Movie Better…

I like to stay out of the book vs. movie debate. Book-lovers everywhere love to argue about how accurately film versions portray their beloved stories, but I’ve never thought it made sense to compare books and movies. To me, it’s like comparing a painting to a song. Books and films are two completely different mediums … Continue reading I Liked the Movie Better…

When I’m Not Writing: Watching Musicals

In addition to making jewelry and coloring, one of my favorite things to do when I’m not writing is watch musicals. One of my first memories is when my mom took me to see my very first musical—a community theater production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Seeing this show when I was little … Continue reading When I’m Not Writing: Watching Musicals

Inspiration from my Favorite Movies

Writers can find inspiration from anything: books, nature, the people around you. Anything and everything that catches your eye can become a story. One of my favorite sources of inspiration is of course movies. I have trouble sitting down long enough to watch a whole movie and usually spread it out over a couple of … Continue reading Inspiration from my Favorite Movies

Favorite Book Feature: Legend by Marie Lu

July’s Favorite Book Feature is the debut novel by Marie Lu, Legend. Lu has gone on to become a big author in the YA world, but I fell in love with her writing back with this first book. I picked it up because the cover looked awesome. The book description sounded so cool that I … Continue reading Favorite Book Feature: Legend by Marie Lu

Favorite Book Feature: A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher

The last Friday of every month this year I’m going to be featuring one of my favorite books. I’ll give a review and say why it’s one of my favorites. You can find the full list here. First up is A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher. As I wrote about here, Les Misérables is … Continue reading Favorite Book Feature: A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher

Getting Re-inspired by Les Misérables

I recently had to take a break from reading and writing due to a medical condition, and I was absolutely miserable. As my stack of books from the library that I couldn’t read grew higher and my notebooks sat untouched, I grew more and more desperate to get back to my job. However, now that … Continue reading Getting Re-inspired by Les Misérables