The Power of Worship Music

On Saturday I got to go to the annual Christian music tour called Winter Jam for the third time. When my then fiancé took me to this concert back in 2015 I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t been listening to this kind of music for very long, and I didn’t know any of the artist’s songs very well. What I found then and at the subsequent two concerts I’ve gone to was amazing performances, inspiring speeches, and thousands of people standing together and worshiping our wonderful God.

I grew up Catholic, and so I thought Christian music consisted only of the boring hymns you sing in church. I had no idea that there was modern, exciting, and amazing music out there. I didn’t know that there were artists out there proclaiming the word of God and sometimes even revamping those hymns into modern songs. Now those songs are all I listen to.

Of course I still need my movie and musical scores blasting through my head phones when I really need to concentrate and get some words out. But most of the time I have this worship music playing on the radio in the background. I listen while I read, do the dishes, play with my dog. I’m listening to it now as I write this blog post.

Having this music on changes you. Even if it’s just in the background, the songs have a way of pushing God’s word, promises, and love into your mind and heart. Worship music is powerful. I can tell when I go a day without listening to it. When I don’t hear this music, I’m not as close to God and I have trouble focusing and getting my work done. For me, music has always been a big part of my life, and so worship music is the easiest way for me to spend time with God.

Across the three years I’ve gone to of Winter Jam I’ve gotten to see some of my favorite artists—Matthew West, Skillet, Crowder, Lauren Daigle, and For King & Country. I’ve gotten to sing worship songs with thousands of people. And I’ve gotten to experience all of those people proclaiming the name of Jesus. If you’ve never been to Winter Jam before, you have to check it out. See just how powerful worship music can be. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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